A gold backed bank account

Here at Tally we’re proud to offer our customers a banking account and debit card that are directly linked to their physical gold holdings, all managed through a slick banking app on their smart phone.

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Breaking the barriers to gold ownership

Investing in gold has always been seen as a safe haven. In fact, investing 10% of your portfolio in gold is one of the oldest investment rules as a hedge to counterbalance riskier investments. It makes sense, gold has proven to hold its value and spending power for thousands of years.
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Protecting your money without limits

We sometimes get asked if Tally is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), which guarantees savings up to £85K in the event of the bank collapse. It’s not – we insure holdings to the full amount instead.

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Saving for the long-term

When we think about savings, most people think of savings in their bank account. But with the average account offering 1% interest per annum, is money in banks the best way to save for the long-term?

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6 reasons to use Tally abroad

Tally is just as easy and seamless to use abroad as it is at home. Here are six reasons to pay with Tally abroad.

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5 reasons to save in Tally

Fiat currency loses its value through inflation, can drop in value following political events, and is heavily impacted by economic uncertainty. Here are 5 reasons why Tally is better.

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Spending abroad comparison

Tally gives you better value for your travel money, and its gold you own. Check out our comparison table to see how we compare against the main players.
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Tally vs cryptocurrency - what are the differences?

Before Tally, the main alternative to fiat currencies were cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Tally isn’t a cryptocurrency, but is an alternative currency. We explain the differences between the two.

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Money for the people by the people

Have you ever thought about money? Not your savings in a bank account, but the concept of money itself? It’s something we have thought about a lot at Tally.

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Tally launches banking app tied to gold ownership

Tally is the first banking app to offer individual banking accounts delivering seamless saving and spending in physical gold, at home and abroad.
Take a look at our press release.

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The best-kept tech secret to making your money work

Public trust in the banking sector remains low, a decade after the financial crisis brought banks to the point of collapse and recession. What are the alternatives?

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Brexit proof your spending with Tally

With political rows and the on-off threat of a no-deal Brexit, there's no guarantee what could happen to the pound between now and 31 October - or after that date.

So, how far should you go to protect yourself? A fee-free spending card is wise, but is exchanging in advance or locking into rates essential, and would you even stash your holiday cash in gold?

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Gold-backed currency could threaten UK banks’ low interest deposits

A new UK e-money platform has been launched. However, unlike many of its digital peers it is resurrecting a very old idea.
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Tally launches banking app tied to gold ownership

UK startup Tally has launched an app offering individual banking accounts delivering saving and spending in physical gold.
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Tally launches banking app tied to gold ownership

UK startup Tally has launched an app offering individual banking accounts delivering saving and spending in physical gold.
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We know about challenger banks but what about challenger currency?

There are many challenger banks, but they all use the same fiat money principle. We explore fiat, ask whether challenger banks really challenge, and profile a new reserve banking platform.

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TruNarrative to facilitate customer onboarding for Tally

Banking app Tally has selected UK-based financial crime and compliance software company TruNarrative to facilitate its customer onboarding and identity verification process.
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Tally launches physical gold-backed bank account

The account offers customers a way to convert funds into physical gold amounts which can then be spent using a debit card.
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A new currency ... as old as the world itself (French)

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Tally: Physical gold integrated bank account (Turkish)

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