Start getting more with... safer money

Spending more but getting less? Saving Pounds but earning peanuts? With the cost of living steadily rising and interest on savings at an all-time low, it’s time we expected more from money. It’s time for money that holds its value. It’s time for money that maintains its purchasing power. It’s time for money that benefits the customer, not the bank. It’s time for Tally.

Safer money is... growing money

Tally is the world’s first non-fiat bank account with money that you can save, send and spend like Pounds without ever subjecting your wealth to the shortcomings of government-issued money. Goodbye, rising prices. So long, zero interest rates. Bon voyage, risky banking practices.

Safer money is... simple money

Unlike Pounds, which can be digitally created with a single keystroke, Tally is tied to a physical asset that cannot be devalued by artificially increasing supply. Every unit of Tally represents one milligram of physical gold that you personally own, which you can use for everyday banking via the Tally App and Tally Debit Mastercard.

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Show me the safer money

Whilst Tally can fluctuate up and down, it’s proven to hold its value over time compared with Pounds. Just check out our snazzy graph that shows you the value of Tally versus the value of Pounds over the past 20 years. The question is, do you want your savings in yellow or red?

Safer money is... fairer money

Fairer money requires smart technology. And unlike most banks that profit from hidden fees and high interest charges, Tally’s fee structure is simple. There’s a one-off joining fee of £20 and an account keeping fee of 1% p.a. to cover the ongoing operational costs associated with your account. And that’s it. No transaction costs, no added foreign exchange markups when travelling abroad, and no fees for withdrawing cash from your Tally bank account using your Tally Debit Mastercard anywhere in the world.

Safer money... at a glance

Tally protects the long-term value of your money whilst also providing instant use. Here’s how...

Historically gold maintains its purchasing power.
1 Tally = 1mg of physical gold

Tally gold is physical bullion ethically sourced from accredited providers, securely vaulted, fully insured, and 100% yours

Save, send and spend Tally instantly via your app and Tally Debit Mastercard

We never lend, leverage, or invest your money, and there are no hidden fees when using Tally at home or abroad

Safer money... in minutes

Opening a Tally account is super easy. Here’s how…

Have your photo ID handy

Provide some basic info

Take a quick selfie (not for Instagram)

Your account is opened in seconds