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Translate between JOSE and ASN.1/DER encodings for ECDSA signatures


npm install ecdsa-sig-formatter --save


var format = require('ecdsa-sig-formatter');

var derSignature = '..'; // asn.1/DER encoded ecdsa signature

var joseSignature = format.derToJose(derSignature);


.derToJose(Buffer|String signature, String alg) -> String

Convert the ASN.1/DER encoded signature to a JOSE-style concatenated signature. Returns a base64 url encoded String.

.joseToDer(Buffer|String signature, String alg) -> Buffer

Convert the JOSE-style concatenated signature to an ASN.1/DER encoded signature. Returns a Buffer


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  5. Submit a pull request to this repository. Wait for tests to run and someone to chime in.

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