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WebRTC adapter

adapter.js is a shim to insulate apps from spec changes and prefix differences. In fact, the standards and protocols used for WebRTC implementations are highly stable, and there are only a few prefixed names. For full interop information, see

This repository used to be part of the WebRTC organisation on github but moved. We aim to keep the old repository updated with new releases.



npm install webrtc-adapter


bower install webrtc-adapter



Copy to desired location in your src tree or use a minify/vulcanize tool (node_modules is usually not published with the code). See webrtc/samples repo as an example on how you can do this.

Prebuilt releases


In the gh-pages branch prebuilt ready to use files can be downloaded/linked directly. Latest version can be found at Specific versions can be found at, e.g.


You will find adapter.js in bower_components/webrtc-adapter/.


In node_modules/webrtc-adapter/out/ folder you will find 4 files:

Include the file that suits your need in your project.


Head over to test/ and get started developing.

Publish a new version

Note: Currently only tested on Linux, not sure about Mac but will definitely not work on Windows.

Publish a hotfix patch versions

In some cases it may be necessary to do a patch version while there are significant changes changes on the master branch. To make a patch release,