Money that holds its value

Beat inflation with Tally, the world’s first non-fiat currency and banking app that protects the long-term value of your money.

Fight back against inflation

Every time the government prints more fiat money (think Pounds, Euros, Dollars), the value of that currency decreases. Because Tally is tied to a physical asset, it cannot be digitally created to increase supply.

Every unit of Tally represents 1 milligram of physical gold that you personally own, safely locked away in a vault until you want to use it for your everyday banking via the Tally App or Tally Debit Mastercard.

Whilst Tally does fluctuate up and down relative to Pounds because gold is historically proven to hold its long-term value, so does Tally.

Why join Tally?

Tally protects the long-term value of your money whilst also providing instant use. Here’s how...

Historically gold maintains its purchasing power.
1 Tally = 1mg of physical gold

Tally gold is physical bullion ethically sourced from accredited providers, securely vaulted, fully insured, and 100% yours

Save, send and spend Tally instantly via your app and Tally Debit Mastercard

We never lend, leverage, or invest your money, and there are no hidden fees when using Tally at home or abroad

How to join Tally

Opening your Tally account is super easy. Here’s how...

Have your photo ID handy

Provide some basic info

Take a quick selfie (not for Instagram)

Your account is opened in seconds