Money made for the 21st century.

Tally® is an alternative mainstream currency, where 1 Tally is 1 milligram of gold in your individual banking account. Save or spend Tally instantly via your app or Tally debit Mastercard.

For the first time, you now have a choice in what type of money you use everyday, that’s not government-issued money or a cryptocurrency.

Why choose Tally?

Gold is historically proven to hold its value over time.

Spend or transfer instantly via app or your Tally debit Mastercard®

Your asset is 100% owned by you, insured and protected.

No added FX fees, mark ups or ATM fees at home or abroad.

Making your money secure

Tally runs on established and reliable banking infrastructure, and uses London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) approved physical gold held in an accredited, secure vault in Switzerland.

  • Your gold is 100% owned by you, insured and protected.
  • Your asset is ring-fenced from third parties so it stays protected.
  • 5 star verification and reconciliation procedure

Sign up in minutes

Have a photo ID document handy.

Give us some simple information about you.

Take a quick selfie for security purposes.

Your account is automatically opened and ready to go.

Spend gold, instantly.

You can spend your Tally through your app or your Tally Debit Mastercard just like a regular bank account. With Tally you can not only spend your gold wherever Mastercard is accepted worldwide, you can even withdraw cash from ATMs. You will get the best exchange rate as your gold is seamlessly converted into the local currency at the global gold spot rate.

Protect the value of your savings

Government-issued (fiat) money such as Pounds loses value everyday by design – this is inflation. This means that your savings will not be able to buy as much in the future as they can today. And the low interest rates that banks offer on savings do not make up this gap. Whilst the price of Tally (gold) does fluctuate (up and down) in the short term, historically it’s proven to hold its value over time, protecting the value of your savings.

Your perfect travel partner

Tally is just as easy to use abroad as it is at home. There are no mark-ups, transaction fees or FX fees, even to use an overseas ATM. And as your Tally is instantly converted into the local fiat currency at the global gold spot rate wherever you are, you can be assured you’re getting the best rate.