Money on a mission

TallyMoney was born from the belief that people should be able to hold money in an account that benefits the customer, not the bank. And that the money people earn and save should maintain its purchasing power and stay in their control. That’s why we created the world’s first non-fiat personal accounts.

Tally is not a cryptocurrency, not a multi-currency wallet that dabbles in gold or silver, nor a trading app. It’s asset-based money and an alternative to fiat currency that works seamlessly with the existing banking infrastructure whilst safeguarding customers from the devaluation caused by inflation and the many risks depositors and savers unknowingly take in keeping their money in fiat currency.

A word from our founder…

“We all want to be confident that our money will protect and benefit our families and ourselves as we grow. Money should make us feel motivated and empowered, not undermine the value of our time and efforts, or be out of our control.

When money is safe, secure, and a sound store of value, personal savings and productivity can flourish. However, it’s become increasingly apparent that the global financial system works against depositors and savers. And it’s not acceptable for the value of the money you use every day to be diminished (gradually or rapidly) over time. But we’re not here to scare or worry you. We’re just here to provide a common-sense solution to a very real problem.

As each tally represents one milligram of physical gold you own, it’s easy to understand how tally derives its value. Value you can spend anywhere in the world with your own individual account number, sort code, and TallyMoney Debit Mastercard®. In other words, you can use TallyMoney just as you would a regular bank account and debit card, but with the confidence that you’re in complete control and that the value of your money isn’t being undermined.

So what will you choose? Common sense or convention? I hope you will join the thousands of us in the UK already enjoying tally.”

Money with morals

TallyMoney is committed to providing an ethical form of money and payments. Here are some of the ways we deliver an account that protects and benefits you, the customer, not the bank…


By creating a new category of money, TallyMoney addresses the number one problem for consumers in traditional banking: the declining value of fiat currencies.


As a full-reserve platform, your funds stays put. TallyMoney never leverages up, lends out or invests your savings.
Your money remains in your control, for your benefit. 


TallyMoney’s fee structure is transparent and simple.
It’s 0.5% per annum with flat fx of 0.99% and 0.5% gold handling fee. We don’t charge you for moving your money out of tally, and there are no hidden fees or charges when making payments out at home or abroad.


Your tally is real physical gold. In the unlikely event the company behind the TallyMoney platform ceases trading, your gold will be promptly sold and the sale proceeds, less a 1% fee, will be transferred into your non-Tally account.
No limits, no caps.

Join the TallyMoney evolution

Want to be part of a task force committed to delivering safer money? Please send your CV to [email protected] for consideration for upcoming roles across product, sales, marketing and finance.