Money evolved

When Bitcoin launched back in 2009, it forced regulators to accept that in a free society, non-government-issued assets must be legally recognised as a form of currency between law-abiding citizens. One such citizen was Tally CEO and Founder Cameron Parry.

In light of the GFC, Cameron recognised that people could no longer rely on the government and big banks to protect their wealth. And, whilst cryptocurrencies had opened a door, what was really needed was a new kind of mainstream money that people could use every day.

Money on a mission

Tally was born from the belief that people should be able to hold money in a bank account that benefits the customer, not the bank. And that the money people earn and save should maintain its purchasing power and stay in their control. That’s why we created the world’s first non-fiat personal accounts with individual IBANs (International Bank Account Numbers).

Tally is not a cryptocurrency, not a multi-currency wallet that dabbles in gold or silver, nor a trading app. It’s asset-based money and an alternative to fiat currency that works seamlessly with the existing banking infrastructure whilst safeguarding customers from the devaluation caused by inflation and the many risks depositors and savers unknowingly take in keeping their money in fiat currency.

Money with morals

Tally is committed to providing an ethical form of money and banking. Here are some of the ways we deliver an account that protects and benefits you, the customer, not the bank...


By creating a new category of money, Tally addresses the number one problem for consumers in traditional banking: the declining value of fiat currencies


As a full-reserve banking platform, your deposit stays put. Tally never leverages up, lends out or invests your savings. Your money remains in your control, and your access is never restricted


Tally’s fee structure is fair and simple. It’s 1% per annum. We don’t charge you for moving your money in and out of Tally, and there are no hidden fees or charges when transacting at home or abroad


the money in your Tally account represents real physical gold vaulted on behalf of and beneficially owned by Tally customers. The money in a Tally Account is not fiat currency and the FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme) does not apply.

Join the Tally evolution

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