Paying with Tally

You can spend your Tally online, in person via the Tally Debit Mastercard, transfer it to another bank account (in fiat currency) or transfer it directly in Tally to another Tally account instantly. That’s something no other digital bank can do.

Where can I spend my Tally

You can spend your Tally online, in person via your Tally Debit MasterCard, transfer it to a GBP bank account or transfer it directly to another Tally account.

Withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide.

Pay with contactless card payments.

Pay with your smart phone - Coming soon.

Set up direct debits – Coming soon.

Spend Tally anywhere

When you spend your Tally online, with your Tally debit MasterCard or withdraw cash at an ATM you will get the global gold spot rate directly into the relevant local government-issued currency with no added fees or margins.

Your Tally can be as easily converted directly into Pounds as Euros or US dollars etc, at the global gold spot rate directly into that currency.

Help – I’ve lost my card!

Don’t panic. You can instantly freeze your card via your app to protect your account. If you find your card you can unlock it again or if you need to reorder a new card, just let us know and we’ll organise that for you.

Simple monthly subscription

We have a single monthly charge of 0.1% of your average monthly holding, charged in Tally, which covers storage, security, insurance and operational costs. Any holding above half a million Tally (t500,000) is charged at 0.05%