Money without borders

Tally is the world’s first non-fiat currency to be accessible in individual accounts with an IBAN (International Bank Account Number), making it the first real choice in alternative money for savings and everyday payments.

Using the Tally App and Tally Debit Mastercard®, you can save, send and spend tally just like pounds whilst simultaneously avoiding the risks of the fiat banking system and the shortcomings of fiat currency.


When funds are deposited into your account, those pounds (or euros or dollars) automatically convert to tally at the global gold wholesale price. Because each unit of tally is one milligram of gold that belongs to you, which you can spend online or in person using your Tally App and Tally Card.

Please remember that the very first deposit into your Tally Everyday Account must be from another account in your name. This is a security step that helps keep your money safe and sound.


Whether spending online or in person with your Tally App or contactless Tally Card, your tally will automatically convert to the fiat currency (pounds, euros, dollars etc.) that the merchant is expecting to receive. With no added charges or mark-ups on the foreign exchange rate. De nada. Prego. You’re welcome.


You can use your Tally Card to withdraw money from your Tally Everyday Account at cashpoints around the world. And we don’t charge you to do so – no matter which currency or country you’re transacting in – because it’s your money.


When you transfer funds from your Tally Everyday Account to a traditional bank account, the funds will automatically convert from tally to the relevant fiat currency (pounds, euros, dollars etc.). You can specify the amount you wish to send in tally or fiat, but your account will always be debited in tally. You can also instantly send tally to and receive tally from other Tally Everyday Account-holders.