Press enquiries

We love working with the media. So whether you want to learn more about TallyMoney, debate the efficacy of the fiat money supply or chat about cryptos, drop a line to [email protected], and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can access our latest press release and press imagery via the link below.

About TallyMoney

TallyMoney is the world’s first non-fiat currency available via individual accounts, making it familiar for people to use for savings and everyday payments.

Every unit of tally represents 1 milligram of gold owned by the customer. Using gold as the 100% physical reserve means the customer’s wealth is protected from inflation and systemic risks associated with the fiat currency-based fractional reserve banking model. However, the TallyMoney App and TallyMoney Debit Mastercard® allow customers to leverage the incumbent banking model’s infrastructure for ease and familiarity.