Tally Central Ltd

Tally Central Ltd (incorporated in Guernsey with Company Number 53026) is the central monetary authority and innovator behind the independent non-fiat non-crypto monetary system and physical-gold digital currency, tally®.  

Previously quoted as Lionsgold (LSE:LION) on the London Stock Exchange AIM market, Tally Central Ltd is a public company that intends to list again in London as part of its commitment to the democratisation of money. Thereby not only providing people with a choice in the mainstream money they can access in an everyday account and debit card, but also giving people the ability to own part of the central authority that operates the full-reserve monetary system and platform technology.



Tally Central Ltd makes strategic investments from time to time to support the growth of its core business, including leading the early funding round of a banking-as-a-service provider, and currently holding a significant shareholding in Bombay Stock Exchange-listed Deccan Gold Mines Limited (BO:DECNGOLD). 

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