Fight inflation.
Get tally.

A currency and account that protects the long-term value of your money

  • Tally is a currency linked to physical gold
  • 1 tally = 1 milligram of gold that you own
  • Save and spend tally just like pounds
  • Easy to use app and Tally Debit Mastercard®

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How does tally fight inflation?

Inflation happens when more money is created. Like when banks give out credit and when the government decides to print more pounds. Because tally is backed by physical gold you own, it cannot be devalued by creating more out of thin air. Its value is determined by the price of gold, which fluctuates (up and down), but has historically proven to increase in value in the longer term.

How does tally work?

When you transfer pounds into your account, your money immediately buys you LBMA-approved gold, which is securely vaulted in Switzerland on your behalf. Your gold is then shown in ‘tally’ in your online account, which you can save or instantly spend using the app and Tally Debit Mastercard!

How much does a Tally Account cost?

Unlike banks that profit from hidden fees, high-interest charges, and risky lending practices, Tally’s fee structure is simple. There’s a one-off account activation fee of £19 and an annual account keeping fee of 0.9% (calculated daily, charged monthly)—a small price to pay to protect the long-term value of your hard-earned money.

How do I get tally?

Opening a Tally Everyday Account is super easy.

Have your photo ID handy

Provide some basic info

Take a quick selfie (not for Instagram)

Your account is opened in seconds