6 reasons to use TallyMoney Debit Mastercard® abroad

Written by Tim Masih

Tally is just as easy and seamless to use abroad as it is at home. Here are six reasons to pay with Tally abroad:

1. No FX fees, mark-ups or charges for using abroad

We believe you shouldn’t be charged fees for using your money abroad. We don’t charge FX fees, international transaction fees or mark-ups on FX rates. And we won’t charge for ATM withdrawals either. As it’s a debit card, there’s no interest charges to worry about. Just remember to pay in local currency at all times, and check the ATM machine is free to use. If you don’t, it’s the local banks who do the conversion and will add their own mark-ups and machine charges.

2. Exchange rate is more certain

As fiat currencies like pounds or dollars are government controlled, political events can see them lose value dramatically – sometimes minutes after an announcement. Brexit is a great example of this, with the uncertainty causing the pound to have the longest losing streak against the Euro since 2000. As Tally takes its exchange rate from the global spot price of gold, it is better insulated from political events, giving you are a more certain value to exchange currency.

3. Universal acceptance

The TallyMoney Debit Mastercard® is accepted wherever Mastercard is globally – that’s over 37 million locations around the world. Some cards, especially credit cards, aren’t as widely accepted as they charge higher fees to retailers for accepting the card, increasing the cost of sale for them. And as the TallyMoney Card is a debit card and not a pre-paid card, it’s more readily accepted on the ground, and even when in the air.


4. Instantly lock your card in-app for added security

For added security you can lock your card using your app. That means you can lock it instantly should it go missing. Or for added peace of mind, you can keep it locked when you’re sightseeing and unlock it when you use it for spending.


5. Send money to another TallyMoney Account holder, worldwide, for free

Imagine a family member is off traveling the world or on a long holiday and has run out of funds. Sending money tally to tally is instant and free, so wherever they are in the world they can receive tally and spend via the TallyMoney Card or take out cash at the ATM.


6. No need for a separate card for spending abroad

A lot of consumers use their debit card at home and a specialist card for spending aboard. Tally has been designed to be used seamlessly at home AND abroad. Having all the benefits of specialist international cards, there’s no need to go through the hassle of getting a second card for traveling. Saves on space in you wallet or purse too.

In short, Tally is travel money that adds up! 

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