How to get a TallyMoney account

Written by Ella Fraser

Did you know getting a Tally account couldn’t be easier?
In order to open a Tally account you need to be at least 18 years old as well as live in the UK (we will be rolling out to other countries in the future!).
All you need to get started is your smartphone and photo ID (passport or driving license) to hand.
  1. Download the Tally app from the App Store or Google Play here
  2. Give us some simple information about yourself, including DOB, current address and ID document
  3. Take a quick selfie for security purposes
  4. Your account is automatically opened and you’re ready to start using physical gold as digital cash!

Why we ask for information

We know it can sometimes be frustrating when companies ask for various information and ID, however as Tally is a banking product it’s really important we know who you are. We will ask you for some information about yourself, your ID and to take a selfie which allows us to verify your information and identity. This helps to protect us from fraud, but importantly also protects our customers and their asset.

We (like all other banks) are required to meet a number of legal requirements and getting to know your customers (known as KYC) is one of these requirements. Rest assured, whenever you share information with us, you can be confident that we will never share your data and that your data is secure.

Getting a Tally account is simple, but don’t take our word for it, why not try it yourself?!

4 thoughts on “How to get a TallyMoney account

  1. I joined the wait list a long time ago. When will you be letting more UK customers join? Are you able to give me any idea as to where you are at? Thanks.

    1. If you’re on the waiting list, keep an eye on your inbox – an email with the launch date will be heading your way soon!

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