Owen’s Journey to Financial Security and Convenience

Written by Team Tally

Owen, a savvy investor navigating the complexities of the financial world sat down with the Team Tally and shared his experience as a TallyMoney customer. In a world saturated with leveraged debt and inflation, Owen sought a secure haven for his savings and a convenient way to own and spend gold, which led him to Tally. Dive into Owen’s journey and unlock the potential of TallyMoney for your financial future.

Interviewer: What sort of problems were you trying to solve, that you see Tally as a solution to?

Owen: I’m worried about the amount of leveraged debt that normal banks have. So I’ve been looking for ways to keep my money protected, and I’m doing that through a mixture of investments. Lately, I’ve been thinking about more everyday account-style solutions and that’s when I found out about Tally.

Within the precious metals market, I’m aware that silver and gold are massively leveraged in terms of paper options like ETFs, so I don’t see that as a safe haven, I think that’s just as risky as just keeping it in a normal bank. For me, it’s all about having the physical metal.

That’s the really key component. As well as Tally, I also bought some gold and silver. That’s more protection of wealth for the long term, whereas I also want something which I can use more as a kind of day to day transactional, which is obviously where Tally comes in.

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Interviewer: We see Tally as a great way for people to own gold, particularly if they don’t know how to do it themselves. But you have both. So I’d be really interested in understanding how that works for you. 

Owen: Ultimately, I trust something I have more than anything else. So if I have a gold bar in my possession, not necessarily in my house, but if it’s in allocated storage somewhere, that is definitely mine. Then I completely trust that. 

But the problem with that is you can’t spend it, you can only just sell it for a big lump sum of whatever that bar is worth. Whereas Tally seems to be quite a nice middle ground you can use day to day for just normal transactions, but is backed by something meaningful. Whereas I don’t think money in banks is backed by anything. 

Interviewer: How would you explain Tally to someone that’s not financially minded? 

Owen: In my mind, it’s just a normal bank account, but where the money you invest is backed by gold, and not by the government, which gives you the advantage of it being more secure and the potential for it to become an investment of sorts because gold might go up in value. I suppose also there’s the risk because gold might go down. 

Interviewer: If you were to start a sentence with the phrase, Tally lets me … 

Owen: It lets me protect my wealth or my money, while simultaneously providing the convenience of essentially a current account in terms of expenditure. 

Interviewer: If you were to describe Tally to someone in one word, what word would that be?

Owen: Safety net.

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