Money worth saving

Savings are great. Until you go to spend them and realise what you’ve been saving for has increased in price. This is inflation hard at work, and it’s a special talent of fiat currencies.

With tally, your savings are anchored to a real, tangible asset, which can’t be devalued by artificially increasing supply. Having held its purchasing power for aeons, gold has almost doubled in value compared with sterling in the last five years alone. Or, to put it another way, pounds have halved in value compared to tally.

Growing savings

Whether you’re saving for a cottage, a convertible, or a holiday in the Caribbean, Tally can help you reach your goals faster. Want proof? No problem. Suppose you started saving £200 per month back in January 2010. Let’s take a look at your balance in 2022 in a high street bank account versus a Tally Everyday Account.

Accessible savings

It’s good to have goals. That’s why we created Easy Access Safes. Set money aside by opening up to three Easy Access Safes, which you can personalise to help keep you motivated when saving for that dream holiday, new car, or rainy day.

We call them Easy Access Safes because you can move your money back to your Tally Everyday Account at any time. No additional fees, no penalties, just 100% flexibility and freedom.