Why save with Tally?

Tally is a physical-asset currency, where every Tally represents the customer's legal ownership of 1 milligram of gold. Whilst the price of gold does fluctuate, historically it holds its value over time, making it a great choice for protecting the long-term value of your savings over fiat currency - which loses value by design (inflation).

In the last five years alone the value of gold has increased by 50% in comparison to the Pound.


Save for what matters to you

The next version of our app to be released will include ‘safes’ where you can save your money. You can customise these safes with titles and images to help keep you motivated and to remind you what you’re saving for.


Helping you to save even more

We are working on lots of additional savings features including setting savings goals and rounding on expenditure to help you achieve your savings targets even sooner. We will update you as these become available.