Why save with Tally?

Tally isn’t a cryptocurrency. It’s the real deal. Every Tally represents legal ownership of 1 milligram of gold. Now gold has held its purchasing power for thousands of years, but if you’re thinking a little shorter term, the British Pound has halved in value in the last ten years against gold.

Or to put it another way, gold has doubled in value against the British Pound in the last ten years.

But why not just keep your savings in the bank? Well you can (obviously) but the money you are holding is losing value, which kind of defeats the purpose of saving! Banks pay next to no interest, and your money loses purchasing power faster than the tiny interest you receive. So, you have to save much more to buy that thing you want in the future.


Saving for what matters

Soon you’ll be able to customise your very own ‘safe’. You can add titles and images to keep you motivated and remind you what you’re saving for: that dream holiday, a new car, the kids education, or just something for a rainy day.


Happy habits

We are working on lots of additional savings features for Tally customers, including setting goals and rounding up transactions to help you achieve your targets. We’ll keep you posted.