No Scrooges Allowed: A Blueprint for a Happy, Scam-Free Christmas

Written by Team Tally

As the festive season twinkles on the horizon, the burning question isn’t just about finding the perfect gifts but also safeguarding our precious pounds from the grinches of the digital realm. While the allure of delightful presents may be depleting our bank accounts, the real concern lies in defending our finances against the sneakiest online threats. At TallyMoney, we’re not just unravelling the secrets to smart spending; we’re arming you against the crafty grinches lurking in cyberspace. ‘Tis the season to be merry, savvy, and a step ahead of those festive fraudsters!

Since the arrival of ChatGPT in 2022, scammers have upped their game, expertly crafting messages that resonate with nearly everyone and automating their tactics for swift exploitation. It’s a tricky landscape out there, isn’t it? 

Consider this: The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) reveals that nearly two-thirds of parents feel the pinch to overspend during Christmas. And a staggering 40% of UK adults worry about meeting the costs. For parents with children under 18, this number climbs to 52%! With such pressures everyone is looking for a bargain – and the holiday season becomes a playground for scams.  

Did you know that over a quarter of parents with young children either borrow or plan to borrow money just to cover the festivities? This surge in financial strain opens the door wider for potential victims of loan fraud – a situation where paying fees for a loan that never materialises becomes a harsh reality. 

Here’s the kicker: Scammers are cunning. They prey on urgency, pushing for quick payments or unusual requests. Wondering how to outsmart them? Follow these precautions:

  • Cold calls and emails: could it be a scam?
    • Question the unexpected: If you receive an unsolicited call or email, treat it with scepticism.
    • Guard Your Information: Never share personal details unless you initiated the contact and are sure of who you are speaking to.
  • Upfront fees: a red flag
    • Pause and ponder: If asked to pay an upfront fee, hit the brakes. Legitimate services typically don’t demand payment in advance.
  • Unusual urgency: the telltale sign
    • Take a breather: scammers often rush their victims. If pressured to pay quickly or unusually, take a step back and assess the situation.

Fraudsters are crafty operators, diving into tactics like loan fraud, leveraging urgency through cold calls, emails, and demands for quick payments. Loan scams are just a fraction of their arsenal; there’s a plethora of techniques at play:

  • Scam delivery texts and emails
    • Ever received a text or email claiming your package is delayed? Clicking the link might lead you to a phishing site. Watch out! Forward suspicious texts to 7726 and scam emails to [email protected]. 
  • Fake and copy-cat websites
    • Beware of enticing deals! Some lead to fake websites tricking you into malware downloads and non-existent purchases. Authenticate a website by typing the address or go to
  • Bogus charities
  • Gift card scams
    • Fraudsters impersonate contacts to request gift cards, claiming illness or payment issues. Call your friend or family member on a trusted number if in doubt. 
  • Social media shenanigans
During this festive season, unwrap with caution. If a call feels dodgy, an email appears suspicious, or a payment request raises an eyebrow – pause! It could be a scam. After all, ’tis the season to be vigilant!

Wishing you joyful seasons greetings from all of us at TallyMoney!

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