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Money that protects you not the bank

Thousands of people in the UK already use tally as the seamless alternative to the debt-laden fiat currency fractional-reserve banking system

  • tally® is physical gold used as everyday money
  • 1 tally = 1 milligram of gold that you own
  • Get 200mg of free gold when opening a TallyMoney account. Exclusive to Together Declaration members

A word from Cameron Parry

“At Tally, we are looking at solutions to make our lives better and protect our financial health and wealth, and our rights.”

How does Tally work?

When you transfer pounds into your account, your money immediately buys you LBMA-approved gold, which is securely vaulted in Switzerland on your behalf. Your gold is then shown in ‘tally’ in your online account, which you can save or instantly spend using the app and Tally Debit Mastercard!

Why do I need Tally?

Because tally is linked to a physical asset, it cannot be devalued by increasing supply (we’re looking at you pounds, euros, dollars). This makes it the only everyday currency that helps protect the long-term value of your money.

What does it cost?

Unlike banks that profit from hidden fees, high interest charges and risky lending practices, TallyMoney’s fee structure is simple and transparent

A one-off £19 account activation fee gives you:

  • Everyday Account
  • TallyMoney Debit Mastercard (not a prepaid card)
  • Easy-access savings
  • Uncapped balance protection with security trustee

Account keeping fee of 0.9% p.a. covers:

  • Security
  • Storage
  • Insurance
  • Operational costs

Don't just take our word for it..

"Tally lets me protect my wealth and my money, while simultaneously providing the convenience of essentially a current account in terms of expenditure."
Tally customer since 2021

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