Money made for the 21st century

This past year has been crazy! We need resilient money, come rain, hail or pandemic. Tally is physical gold used as mainstream money in a bank account and debit card to save, send and spend instantly. Tally money is secure, dependable and protects customers’ savings as government debt balloons and bank interest rates go to zero.

Why choose Tally?

Well, your money should hold its value. At the moment it doesn’t - and that’s not good enough. Need more?

Historically gold maintains its purchasing power. 1 Tally = 1mg of physical gold.

Save, send and spend Tally instantly via your Tally bank account and debit card.

Gold is ethically sourced, securely vaulted, insured & 100% owned by the customer.

Tally is transparent - no hidden fees or charges, at home or abroad.

Secure your savings

Ever noticed how the price of stuff goes up - like how a chocolate bar used to be 5p and now it’s 50? That’s inflation.

It means even in high interest savings accounts (remember those!) your money won't retain its value.

As with any currency, Tally money does fluctuate day to day, but as gold historically holds its value, so does Tally.

In the long run your savings are safe and sound in a bank account using money that is a tangible asset held outside the banking system.

Sign up in minutes

Have your photo ID handy.

Give us some simple bits of info (e.g. your email and mobile number).

Take a quick selfie (not for Instagram)

Your account is automatically opened and you are ready to make your first deposit in a safer future.

Keeping your money safe

Tally money connects with established and reliable banking infrastructure, using ethically-sourced London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) accredited gold that is stored in solid as a rock in Swiss vaults.

  • Your gold is 100% owned by you, insured and protected from third parties.
  • The allocated physical gold represented as Tally money is independently verified and reconciled daily from our LBMA-accredited precious metals brokers and storage partners.
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Spend Tally at home or away

Tally works just like a normal bank account so you can: send money into your account, pay through the app, use your Tally debit Mastercard at an ATM to take out cold, hard cash… people under 25 might need to Google this.

And because Tally passes on the global gold wholesale price you don’t have any FX margins added or transaction charges, whether you're in Bolton, or Bangalore. Good to know for when we’re finally allowed to go on that dream holiday, be it the home of cotton, or karma.